Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hannah RoseMarie Lamb....July 21, 2004 to March 9, 2013

Four weeks ago today on a nice Saturday afternoon, I got a call.
There had been a vehicle accident near Lebanon, Missouri.
My 15 year old grand daughter was getting a little drive time
on I44 to log hours on her drivers permit, driving her Mom's van.
I can now say I have lived through the worst moment
of my life and lived to tell about it. It was my oldest son
on the phone. The 3 grand kids were on their every other
weekend visit with their Mother. They were going to St Louis
for a fun weekend trip....and a party...Hannah loved a party.
It was then I found out that my Grand daughter Hannah had been killed
in the accident.  The van had rolled and even though she had been in
her seat belt she had been partially ejected.  She was pronounced dead
at the scene. The others were all treated and released before midnight.
Their Mom was life flighted to Springfield and released 4 days later.
She had been completely ejected from the van.
Logan has a heavy burden to bare from driving,  Bryce my 12 year old grandson
was in the van seat next to Hannah.  I pray that God heals their minds
from what they saw and went through in the accident.
These pictures were taken of Hannah a couple summers ago.
They are some of my favorites of her.
Her Celebration of Life was on March 15, 2013...a beautiful
summer like day.   Many people came.  She touched many lives
in her short 8 year and almost 8 months.
What's Gramma gonna do?
Keep on going and hug and squeeze the six grand kids and
step grandson, that are left behind, a little tighter and
a little longer.

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