Sunday, November 7, 2010

Old Singer Sewing Machine

My Mother gave me this last year.
See the little key hanging down on front?
There is a little round hole on the left end of
the case that you put the key
in to unlock the case.It is OLD.
The cat had to snoop, she was not sure what was in that old brown case. It runs smoothly.
I can remember my Mother repairing denim
jeans and overalls on this machine.
I have not sewn any of my quilt projects
on this machine but have gotten it
out and just sewn to see how it
is working.
It was manufactured in Elizabeth, New Jersey on
August 29, 1927.
15000 of this model were made.
I keep it sitting on top of my old Kenmore sewing machine and cabinet. I have sewn a lot on that Kenmore. It was the one Mom taught me to sew on .


  1. What a lovely story - the machine is beautiful. It is nice when people appreciate the history of an item!

  2. can you tell me more about this machine? My friend just picked one up and we are wondering what the controller in the end does. we can't get any sound from it at all but really would like to get it going,
    Thanks for any help