Monday, August 20, 2012

Spring Lilies and an Old Coal Bucket

Usually the only time I see these in my yard, it is in the early
spring. Last week I went out in the heat
of August and here they are.
We call them Naked Ladies....

I rescued this old coal bucket from the yard at
Mom's farm is in sorry shape.
I have been watering it and the Hens and
Chicks are looking better than they did in this
picture I took a couple weeks ago.

I am having a bear of a time getting the
darn fescue grass pulled out.  I know it
is not much to look at but I want
to get it looking better....because
Mom painted it and planted it.
Now, that she is past 90 and not
able to do more than help look after
herself on good days....the things
she created mean a lot to me.

I usually do not see these dried leaves
all over the place until after the first
hard frosts of fall, but we have had such
a drought of a summer the leaves are
just falling off all over the place.

Design Wall Monday

Well the stack and whacks are on hold...or have been ignored
since the last Monday's post of them. So, I have picked up
a new project to start and it is in the new book about
borders, by Judy L. 
The blocks are 7 and 1/2 inches unfinished, the picture of the
quilt in the book is just beautiful. 

I love adding borders to my quilts that get to the finish line and
this book has a lot in it. It also shows you how to figure for
your borders to fit correctly. 

There is a little hint pic of what this quilt will look like on the
very right side of the front cover, if my health and time allows
it to get to the finish line.

Too, many WIPS at my house and not enough energy and
time!!  There are even more project in magazine
pages and my mind than there will be time!!
Are all quilters this way??
I envy you all that have no health problems
and can accomplish all you set out to do!!!

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ Fibromyalgia just
flat sucks if I may say so!!
It gets in the way of my life...the life I had planned
and the one I am trying to live.
Done whining for now!
or until next time..............

Friday, August 10, 2012

Butterfly and Tulip Wall Hanging

This is from an Eleanor Burn's pattern, made by Carol Farley.
I had admired this quilt on the wall of the shop for a couple years and
when she decided she was closing I ask if she would consider selling it?
She told me yes!!!
 It now has a new home hanging on the wall in my Mom's
apartment, here in town.  Her bathroom has butterflies and
I knew this would go really well and it just fits perfect in the spot
I wanted to hang it.  She really likes it and it just brightens
up the room!! 

 It also brightened Mom's day, which I must say sometimes is hard
to do.  I think being 90 and life is not how she wants it.  She wants
to be home on her farm, in her house, but can't's just plain
hard.  So, when something brightens her day it is really worth it.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Another Antique Milk Can, Red Wagon, and Tub

This last week a friend asked me to drive our pickup over
to her garage to move a few boxes. She had this
old milk can sitting in her garage and I could not resist.
I asked her if she was wanting to sell it and I got it
for 5 dollars!  It is a small one, not as large as
my other ones so I wonder if it was a creamer
type can.  Made my day!!!!

This miniature red wagon came home with me from the
Kountry Kin Quilt Shop that was closing.  Not sure
what I am going to find to put into it.  It has those
hard tires so I know it is one of the old ones.

The friend that sold me the milk can also wanted to get rid
of this old tub.  It's in rough shape but I like it.
It reminds me of the tub Mom always had hanging on
the side of the little well house down on the farm
where I grew up.
If my memory is serving me right, I believe that I was bathed
in one very similar to this when I was really little.