Monday, August 20, 2012

Spring Lilies and an Old Coal Bucket

Usually the only time I see these in my yard, it is in the early
spring. Last week I went out in the heat
of August and here they are.
We call them Naked Ladies....

I rescued this old coal bucket from the yard at
Mom's farm is in sorry shape.
I have been watering it and the Hens and
Chicks are looking better than they did in this
picture I took a couple weeks ago.

I am having a bear of a time getting the
darn fescue grass pulled out.  I know it
is not much to look at but I want
to get it looking better....because
Mom painted it and planted it.
Now, that she is past 90 and not
able to do more than help look after
herself on good days....the things
she created mean a lot to me.

I usually do not see these dried leaves
all over the place until after the first
hard frosts of fall, but we have had such
a drought of a summer the leaves are
just falling off all over the place.

Design Wall Monday

Well the stack and whacks are on hold...or have been ignored
since the last Monday's post of them. So, I have picked up
a new project to start and it is in the new book about
borders, by Judy L. 
The blocks are 7 and 1/2 inches unfinished, the picture of the
quilt in the book is just beautiful. 

I love adding borders to my quilts that get to the finish line and
this book has a lot in it. It also shows you how to figure for
your borders to fit correctly. 

There is a little hint pic of what this quilt will look like on the
very right side of the front cover, if my health and time allows
it to get to the finish line.

Too, many WIPS at my house and not enough energy and
time!!  There are even more project in magazine
pages and my mind than there will be time!!
Are all quilters this way??
I envy you all that have no health problems
and can accomplish all you set out to do!!!

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ Fibromyalgia just
flat sucks if I may say so!!
It gets in the way of my life...the life I had planned
and the one I am trying to live.
Done whining for now!
or until next time..............

Friday, August 10, 2012

Butterfly and Tulip Wall Hanging

This is from an Eleanor Burn's pattern, made by Carol Farley.
I had admired this quilt on the wall of the shop for a couple years and
when she decided she was closing I ask if she would consider selling it?
She told me yes!!!
 It now has a new home hanging on the wall in my Mom's
apartment, here in town.  Her bathroom has butterflies and
I knew this would go really well and it just fits perfect in the spot
I wanted to hang it.  She really likes it and it just brightens
up the room!! 

 It also brightened Mom's day, which I must say sometimes is hard
to do.  I think being 90 and life is not how she wants it.  She wants
to be home on her farm, in her house, but can't's just plain
hard.  So, when something brightens her day it is really worth it.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Another Antique Milk Can, Red Wagon, and Tub

This last week a friend asked me to drive our pickup over
to her garage to move a few boxes. She had this
old milk can sitting in her garage and I could not resist.
I asked her if she was wanting to sell it and I got it
for 5 dollars!  It is a small one, not as large as
my other ones so I wonder if it was a creamer
type can.  Made my day!!!!

This miniature red wagon came home with me from the
Kountry Kin Quilt Shop that was closing.  Not sure
what I am going to find to put into it.  It has those
hard tires so I know it is one of the old ones.

The friend that sold me the milk can also wanted to get rid
of this old tub.  It's in rough shape but I like it.
It reminds me of the tub Mom always had hanging on
the side of the little well house down on the farm
where I grew up.
If my memory is serving me right, I believe that I was bathed
in one very similar to this when I was really little.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Fabric and Burned Iron

Well, my design wall looks the same as it did in the last design
wall posting so I didn't want to bore you with that today,
  instead I will show you what I plan to have
on my design wall in weeks or months to come!!

I plan on taking the black and white fat quarters and cut more from the
bottom yards and make a Turning Twenty, believe it or not
I have never done one of those yet.  I think I have the pattern
and loaned it to my daughter in law, so will have to track it
down first.

 If you go back to my last posting you will see where one of my local quilt shops
went out of business due to the owner going into she really
had some good sales this last week.  No time to sew, had to shop.

The above fabric I plan on doing a Rail Fence with the bottom three and
a small border of black Kona I already had on hand. Then one of the
shop teachers talked me into the plaid for the border, not sure on that
but will see how it looks after the rail fence is done.
 There were some really good buys going on so I had to build up on some backing and
some stash fabric as I told myself I would never be able to find fabric again at the price
they were going for in the shop's closing sale.  So I indulged a little too much.  I don't know
what I will do with the wild flower fabric....just really liked it!!
 I did plan on trying to get more stack and whack blocks done for my wall and
this is how it started.  I sewed some and then plugged in the iron and left the room.
I returned and it smelled funny so I thought I better set it on the ironing board before
setting my seams and it was on there just a touch and the smoke rolled!!!!
I am so glad I didn't touch my fabric with it as I had purchased it late last
summer and just got enough to do my project. If I had burned that
block I don't know how I would have replaced that fabric!
The iron hit the trash sack, actually I threw it on the ground first then went
back and got it.  The thing was stinking up the sewing room!!
I still can't believe it heated up that hot in such a short time.
Glad I didn't leave it on and walk off for very long, it had one of those
deals where it turns itself off after a certain amount of time...but
after this blow up doubt that was working.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kountry Kin Quilt Shop Closes

Carol Farley decided it was time for her to retire as
she was turning 66 this last week, so Kountry
Kin Quilt Shop had it's last day of business
on July 28th, 2012.

I will miss this place.   Carol was the one that started
me on the path of making quilts.  That was something
I had wanted to learn to do for many years.  When
I finally had to give up my last part time at the end
of 2005 I went to learn to make quilts.  Carol is who
I had my first lesson from. I saw a sign advertising
her class on a table runner in Oct. 2005 and walked into
her shop and signed up.  She worked with me one
on one that first day and the rest is history.
I am hooked....when my time and energy allows it
I like to make quilts.

This old sign greeted us at the front entrance. 

That dang knob on the front door always stuck on me
when I went to leave.....I never did learn to turn it the right

When you pulled up and parked the first thing you would notice
was one of Carol's latest quilts hanging from the front railing, weather
permitting.  I always liked that because that was what
caught my attention the first time I went to her shop.
It was a quilt flapping in the breeze with a sign on it
to advertise a beginner class.

 When the sun was perfect at the right time of day the
stained glass window at the back of the shop was beautiful.
See, this once was a church located west of Rich Hill that
was moved into town in 1992.

I went up to do a little shopping at the first of this last week and
it was already starting to look a little bare ......lots of good buys.

 I loved how she had this old trunk display set up for kid's
fabrics.  There was a little red wagon on the back side
of this and it came home with me.  Wish I had gotten
a picture of it while it was sitting here.
 I think the little bear looks a little sad that Kountry Kin
is closing and he won't be seeing us running in and out
any more!!
 This was Marie waiting on customers the last Monday the
shop was open.  That cluttered table had seen a lot of
quilts made, classes taken, friendships formed, tears shed
and plenty of laughter and good food..
It is where we sat at our monthly Stitch in Time Guild meeting.
 Pretty Christmas display.
This is the very last Shop Hop Quilt from the Spring of
2012 made by Carol, each block was made by a different
shop owner on the hop.

 I love these scripture quilts and have the fabric to do this, it's
in my "WIP's" work in progress.
This is a quilt Carol made that sat on a table at the
entrance/ exit...where the door always stuck on me.

Good bye Kountry Kin and thank you to Carol Farley
for 19 years she gave to the business community of little
old Rich Hill, Missouri and all she of gave of herself to
the manywho entered her store.

Happy RETIREMENT...enjoy.  See you at the
local quilt shows and guild meetings.
I am gonna miss this place.
It was a therapeutic place for me at times!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Stack and Whack Blocks

Well, these block seem to boggle my mind.  I have to
really pay attention to what I am doing.  I love
the Stack and Whack quilts I have seen, and everyone
says they are fun to do!!

I think they are a little bit complicated, but then maybe after
you do a few more they get easier.  I plan to do 8 of these
blocks and make a couch throw for my Mom's apartment.

I love how they remind me of those little kaleidoscopes we had when
we were kids back in the day.  Those were so fun to play with, you
never did know what design you would end up with.  I was always
trying to turn it and get the same one to show up twice.

This is just a beautiful one a lady from my guild made...
Kay W. from Stitch in Time, this thing is a California
King Size....and I am worrying about doing 8 blocks?

Then again I have the energy challenge (CFS) that likes
to dictate when and how much I do.

If you have the patience they sure do make beautiful quilts.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Antique Pink Churn Dash Quilt Finished!!

The Pink Churn Dash is finally finished. I purchased this
top at a sale well over 20 years ago and stuffed it away.
I had to do some repairs and finishing on it but it
was worth it.  It is a beautiful piece of work that
some lady put a lot of love and time into.

I decided I was going to try and do the binding by machine.
I sewed the binding to the back and brought it around
to the front and secured it down with a decorative
stitch.  It came out ok... I think it will take a lot
of practice to be able to machine finish a binding to suit me.
I just didn't have the courage to tackle it by hand
after doing the Crazy Quilt binding by hand the first
of the month. My hands were sore for days.

I got all the quilts washed (warshed) and put away that I took to
the 4th of July Quilt Show up in Rich Hill.  I don't think I
will show another one again this year unless it is my red white and
blue crazy quilt. I like it, it is different than most quilts.

My Nine Patch will go back on the foot of the bed when the
weather gets cooler.

       When visiting at the show a few of us ladies were talking about washing
our quilts, how to and what not to do. Well then we got off on the
topic about how most of us say "warshed" when the proper way is
washed.  I know I tell the grand kids to go warsh their hands and get
a funny look once in a while. I guess it's all in what you grew up hearing
and I believe that in Southern Missouri we heard warshed more in my
day. I won't even get started on windows....

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Radio Flyer Wagon, White Milk Can and Porcelain!! WOW

My white milk can now has company.  An old friend 's girlfriend gave me the little
red wagon after seeing how I messed around a little in my yard. Bless her, I
hardly know her.  Then the friend gave me the old chamber pot on the right when
cleaning in his storage unit.  I saw it needed rose moss planted in it right away.
Then while down at my Mom's farm house, I noticed her old porcelain pot with
the red handles and saw the moss was croaking since she is not living there.
I thought I better bring it home so I could water the moss and had a vision of it in this
little wagon with the other porcelain pot. Yep, they fit. 
I also saw that little black tub sitting neglected and needing flowers in it so
home with me it came and it fit in the milk can.  I have never grown Petunias, 
that's one of Mom's favorites. I just don't like the smell of them.
Well, I thought since I took the little tub from her place I would put some
Petunias in far it's working for me, they are thriving in this 100 degree heat.

While thinking about one of my favorite fabric and quilt shops going out of
 business it came to me I had seen one of the white and red pans in her shop
and wondered if she was selling it.  So on my next trip up there it came home
with me for a good price.
I didn't have any dirt from the farm around so I went to Wal Mart and bought 
cactus soil.   I have never used that before and  am not sure how it is going to 
work  for my hens and chicks but they are still alive in it. Hope they thrive
in this heat.  
I really like my little arrangement if I may say so. Just wish it
were not so very hot outside so I could sit and enjoy it more!! 
It would all probably look better with some white landscaping rock under
it....give me time and some $$$$'s and maybe it will happen.

Patriotic Crazy Quilt and the 4th Quilt Show

This is the first crazy quilt I have ever attempted to make. I just pretty much
grabbed pieces and sewed them together...some in more of a Log
Cabin type block, others hog podge. In the middle there
are 4 paper pieced blocks surrounded by the 5 heart blocks.
It was a fun quilt to make.  This was the first time it
went to a quilt show.

 Here is my favorite and first nine patch making a showing and probably 
the last time I will show it.  I like using it.  It was on the bed most of  this
last winter.

The Wedding Ring Quilt is mine but was purchased at an antique shop, wish they would
have labeled it!!  The one in the middle next to it was the one my grammie has started
and hand pieced. I finished it and had it quilted in 2012.
 This Dresden Plate quilt is also from the antique store and I have no idea who put all
that hard work into it or saved up all those feed sacks.  The prairie point binding is really
unusual and they did a great job hand quilting it. Still I wish I knew who and when it
was made, but and sure glad I am the owner. I will enjoy and appreciate it!!

This is the first of two raffle quilts made by a couple ladies at the Stitch In Time 
Quilt Guild.  I hope it is in a home that appreciates it as a lot of hard work
went into this lovely quilt.

This is the second raffle quilt made by many of the members of the guild. We each made 
a few tossed 4 patches and then turned them in to the shop owner who them stipple quilted each
and everyone of them. They then went to the president of the guild and she and another
lady put them together by machine and then by hand with those skinny black strips.
This is the one I wish they would have drawn my ticket for!!!
Happy thing is the shop is closing and the owner is going to retire and she did
all that hard work stipple quilting those block and guess what???
 They drew her name and she won the quilt!!! What a great way to end your 
last month in business after 19 year....winning the raffle quilt you put a lot of
hours work into.!!!!  Glad she won it if I didn't  LOL!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

University of Missouri Quilt

My husband's aunt just finished having this quilted for her grand daughter
for graduation this spring. She designed the quilt all on her own and
I think it turned out pretty nice. In fact I know her nephew sure thinks
it's grand.
She has her trimming and binding
 to do and it will be ready to wrap.

I love how the quilter labeled it for her!!!!
Some of the grand kids refer to Joe's uncle as the
"Old Fart."  Lovingly that is..

Judy Fullerton, up in Butler did a super job
 quilting this for Marie. Judy sure
is becoming a pretty darn good quilter if I may say so!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Finished Round Robin Quilts of Spring 2012

  I knew when I saw this material that it would be the perfect border to
finish  the last Round Robin Exchange quilt I had to
work on in quick order this week.  I love it, the brights
with the black background would just pull this
spool themed quilt together.
 I think it really did make a good border for this quilt. It
is the last one of this exchange ...whew...I always
wait till the last minute.  I wouldn't mind being the owner
of this one at all.
 This lady wanted hers to be a fall theme and I think it
turned out just beautiful.
 I think us girls did an outstanding job this time
and got really creative with these borders.
The quilts look like they all stayed pretty
squared up, which is a task when
you have so many different people
sewing on each quilt.
 This black and red one belongs to the quilt shop owner and
we all know she is a Kansas City Chief fan I know
there will be KC Chief backing on this quilt for her
to be cuddled up under during this winters games!!!

 The next two below are pillow tops the lady wanted
for her grand daughter. She was a beginner and
had never done an exchange quilting before
and wanted to keep it simple.
 I really like the orange one and it is bigger than the pink one.
I am sure her grand daughter will love them.
 For some reason my camera did not do well picking
up the colors on this one. It was really bright and
 Now this one below is the one I really love as IT IS MINE!!!
I am going to add one more border that pulls together the
flowers from my middle block. I don't think I have enough
of that original Eleanor Burns fabric but will find
something close to it. It is much brighter than the camera
shows it...must have been my flash with the evening sun
coming in the windows washed the colors out a little.

There are a few more that didn't make it in this evening but hope to
get pictures of them soon.  I love these Round Robin Exchange Quilts,
but am sure glad when we get the project finished. Then I say I
won't do another one as it is always hanging over my head to
get to it and my health is not always cooperative....but
I love owning one so I usually cave in and do them.
But, not another one for a while.!!