Saturday, April 28, 2012

University of Missouri Quilt

My husband's aunt just finished having this quilted for her grand daughter
for graduation this spring. She designed the quilt all on her own and
I think it turned out pretty nice. In fact I know her nephew sure thinks
it's grand.
She has her trimming and binding
 to do and it will be ready to wrap.

I love how the quilter labeled it for her!!!!
Some of the grand kids refer to Joe's uncle as the
"Old Fart."  Lovingly that is..

Judy Fullerton, up in Butler did a super job
 quilting this for Marie. Judy sure
is becoming a pretty darn good quilter if I may say so!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Finished Round Robin Quilts of Spring 2012

  I knew when I saw this material that it would be the perfect border to
finish  the last Round Robin Exchange quilt I had to
work on in quick order this week.  I love it, the brights
with the black background would just pull this
spool themed quilt together.
 I think it really did make a good border for this quilt. It
is the last one of this exchange ...whew...I always
wait till the last minute.  I wouldn't mind being the owner
of this one at all.
 This lady wanted hers to be a fall theme and I think it
turned out just beautiful.
 I think us girls did an outstanding job this time
and got really creative with these borders.
The quilts look like they all stayed pretty
squared up, which is a task when
you have so many different people
sewing on each quilt.
 This black and red one belongs to the quilt shop owner and
we all know she is a Kansas City Chief fan I know
there will be KC Chief backing on this quilt for her
to be cuddled up under during this winters games!!!

 The next two below are pillow tops the lady wanted
for her grand daughter. She was a beginner and
had never done an exchange quilting before
and wanted to keep it simple.
 I really like the orange one and it is bigger than the pink one.
I am sure her grand daughter will love them.
 For some reason my camera did not do well picking
up the colors on this one. It was really bright and
 Now this one below is the one I really love as IT IS MINE!!!
I am going to add one more border that pulls together the
flowers from my middle block. I don't think I have enough
of that original Eleanor Burns fabric but will find
something close to it. It is much brighter than the camera
shows it...must have been my flash with the evening sun
coming in the windows washed the colors out a little.

There are a few more that didn't make it in this evening but hope to
get pictures of them soon.  I love these Round Robin Exchange Quilts,
but am sure glad when we get the project finished. Then I say I
won't do another one as it is always hanging over my head to
get to it and my health is not always cooperative....but
I love owning one so I usually cave in and do them.
But, not another one for a while.!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Bright Words Quilt

This is the block of the month quilt
at Kountry Kin Quilt Shop that we are
starting.  I like the bright colors and
the positive words.
I have never made blocks with words before, it looks fun.

 Carol did a great job putting this together and
I hope mine looks half as good as hers
when it is finished!
I can see this being a quilt I will use on a depressed
or draggy fatigued day
and hope its words and colors will lift my spirits when
I am under it!!

Finish It Up Friday Round Robin

Well it has taken me a while but I finally have the last border on this
Round Robin quilt top. It will have one more border added then
we return them to the person that made the original middle block, which is
next week!  Can't wait to see mine. 
 You can tell how I hang my  piecing by looking at the pic below.  I just have a flannel
backed table cloth tacked to the wall. Works great for me.  I would like to have
 a more stable one but this works great and it pretty much out of the way.
I was going to applique some flowers in the white sections but ran out of time.
It is already delivered and can't wait to see what the next person adds.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Plant At Our House

This is the first one of these Hydrangea plants we have ever bought.
I spyed it at the checkout at the grocery store yesterday and then went back
later and bought it.  Don't have a clue how to care for it, but will look it
up on the internet and learn.

Joe has always admired the ones at a house a few blocks from us.
We always slow down when we go past her yard as she has several
lovely flower beds and a few of these on the north side of her house.

So we are going to give it a try and see how we do with a Hydrangea plant.
We will leave it out on the front porch on the table for a while and then
plant in next to the north side of the shed in the back yard.  There
it will get sunshine and some winter protection.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Antique Quilt Finished

Finally, it is finished!! My grandmother on my
Mom's side started this quilt way back in the
late 60's. It was all hand pieced and has a lot
of feed sack material in it.
My cousin ended up with it after buying my
aunt's house and graciously gave me the unfinished
quilt top. I finished the pieces by machine and patched here
and there and got it all ready and sent to the quilter.
I put lime green marble on it for backing and binding,
which may not go with the time frame....but I like it.
I am not really sure what the quilt block is called.
I know in one of Eleanor Burns' books, Underground
Railroad they refer to it as the Crossroads Block.

I have always had a fascination with the feed sack
material and I am so glad my Grammie put some of
it in these blocks.
I also recognize the fabric that is white with the red polka dot
in it from fabric she made a shirt out of in the late
60's. She wore that shirt a lot and I liked it, she would
most generally have a hanky stuffed in her front breast
pocket and a pack of Camel cigarettes. LOL...I don't
even think they had filters back then. Or were they
Pall Malls? Heck I can't remember...Pa Pa smoked one
kind she smoked the other.
Now back to my quilt talking...
The quilter finished it with an older pattern and did
a great job and it is bound and ready to use.
Matter of fact, I cuddled up in my glider with
it last evening. We're having a little cooler
evenings here in Southern Missouri this week.
I thought...mmm.... kinda like having my grandmother's
arms around me, by having this hand stitching
of hers surrounding me.
I am just so thankful my cousin gave it to me
and I actually stuck in there and got it finished.
I think having my Mother get so gravely ill this
winter lit a fire under me so I could see that it
was done and Mom could enjoy looking at what
her Mother had pieced so many years ago.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Antique Milk Cans

I love having my old milk cans around my house.
Last fall I bought this white one for $15!!
Hadn't bought one in years.
I love how it is different than the others
I have sitting around.
See how it says Kansas City at the bottom?
Well the dandelions are gone and I planted
a Hosta by it so I hope it grows and
they look good together. I have never
grown a Hosta plant before.
This oldy has been many colors.
I plan on having it painted bright red
some day. Hopefully I can do it
myself. It sits on our little back porch.
The blue one below is probably the first one I owned and have had around 38 years. It sat on the front porch of the first house I lived in when I left home and married when I was way too young. It was brown back then. Got this oldy when a neighbor moved and just left it behind. I love how you can still read the number on it. My dad and oldest brother drove a milk truck when I was little..under school age. I do remember riding with my brother on his milk route. Mom was with us and he let me eat his cookies out of his lunch box. I put a Boston Fern in it yesterday, so I hope the frost is gone for this spring. I wonder just how many gallons of milk this carried for the farmer who owned it and how many different places it went. Have had this oldy a lot of years too....can't remember for sure where it came from now. How I wish I had kept better track of where and when I got these cans. Like I said before when your young you think you will remember it all.... I try to keep these hens and chicks going in the lid. It doesn't do the best ...but they survive. We had cows and milked till I was around 6. I remember when we started buying milk to drink from town and I thought it was just awful tasting. I remember Mom putting cream in a peanut butter jar and having me roll it all around on the hard wood floor to make butter. I don't really think she was needing that butter that bad.....but it was a good way to keep me busy and out of her way for a while!!