Monday, February 3, 2014

Design Wall Monday Flying Geese Valentine Style

This pic is sideways as I could not get blogger to pick it
up as it was rotated in my picture file the right direction.
These Flying Geese finish out to 4X8. I have more to make
to get a good size twin quilt. I lined them up as you can see first
scattered then in rows of like kind.
 I believe rows of like kind is going to be how I decide to sew them.
The scattered geese had my eyes jumping all around.
It has been a long time since I have participated in Design Wall
Monday but hope to get back into it again and hold
my own feet to the fire and see some finishes
here in the year of 2014.
My husband became very ill around August of
2012 and was very blessed by a Gift Of Life Liver
Transplant  on May 2nd of 2013. That was almost
2 months after we lost our 8 year old grand daughter
in a car accident.  So I have not been doing the
greatest or have been extremely  busy and worn
to a frazzle. So I am trying to get back on
the track of creativity as therapy!!
So what do you all think Scrappy or Organized???
Wish that top pic was turned right side up!!!  


  1. I love flying geese and your quilt is wonderful! I think I like the organized better, but either is lovely. It does take a while for life to get back on track after such a tragedy. Sending up prayers for your family.

  2. lovely geese. so sorry for your loss.