Monday, July 11, 2011

Hotter Than a Firecracker Here

I thought I would take a look at my pictures of
the big blizzard of 2011 today. It was after supper
around the time this picture was taken.. after supper it is 104 degrees.Wouldn't take long to melt that snow off the chairs
today. It is so hot you can't even go out and enjoy sitting on the porch.
Don't know which I hate worse anymore....extreme cold or extreme hot.
Probably cold as you can just put on more clothes
and get the heat your more likely
to just have to deal with it no matter what.
Like when you go out to get in your car and it
is so hot you have to hold the doors open
and let the heat out before you quickly hop in
and start it and turn on the air conditioner!
Don't like this hot weather at all.
I started a new depression medicine on June 21st
and am sleeping better which is helping the CFS and
Fibro some. I feel the depression lifting very slowly...
it will take time they say. I think you can dr
a person faster that has a heart attack than
a person in an having major depression.
I am not even going to try to post about the some better but not today.


  1. Sorry to hear you are having anxiety...I understand that some myself. Glad you are able to feel the depression shifting and decreasing. The heat sounds unbearable...It was hot here today and humid and I am ready for it to leave! Not 104 though.

  2. I agree completely about the heat! Ugh. At least in winter you can bundle up and still go out. This is just unbearable! The boys and I are hiding in the house today, watching lots of TV and movies!

    Glad to hear you are sleeping better. Sorry you've been struggling with depression, but I hope the meds will help.