Friday, September 16, 2011

Another Birthday down....hope many more to come.

Here we are in our clashing shirts!!!
Well today is my birthday and I spent most of it on the
couch resting. So I thought I would post a picture
of Joe and I on a day I was doing good.
This was taken the last week of August when
we went out to eat for one of the grand kid's
birthday. It was a good day. I will have other good days just has not been
one. I am fast to let fear creep in when a bad day hits
now and get stirred up that I am going to fall
back into that pit of depression when in fact
I just have had a lot of family stress and over did
last week.
So, a friend reminded me when I was whining on the
phone earlier today that I had hoped to be doing so
much better on my birthday than I was earlier in the summer..
she told me that with all the "stuff" life had thrown my way
lately ....a healthy person would have been in fact
I AM doing better.
My husband has to start treatments in about 6 weeks
and we have probably 48 weeks of some rough days.
Pray for us.
IT is my 53rd birthday and I have lost a few friends and family
members at younger any birthday above
ground is a great birthday!!! Got that from
my husband Joe. Bless him he is always looking
for the positive in everything.....and I am a glass half
full gal so he is good for me.


  1. Well now I know why you and I bonded! I am having a birthday today as well! Happy Birthday!

    I will most definitely be keeping you both in my prayers. Life is so hard sometimes.

    I hope today gets a little better as the day moves forward.

    Hugs and love.

  2. Nice picture! Hope you have a good weekend too...wishing you a belated Happy Birthday!