Saturday, February 19, 2011

Medical Appointments....venting...

I absolutely hate going to Dr and Dentist appts. I have been having trouble with my thyroid and my blood pressure. When I try the meds I have reactions and I get so tired of the medical professionals questioning me to see if it is in my head??? I will tell you after all the years of being ill I know when I am having a panic or nervous reaction to something and I know when a medicine is causing me to have a reaction. After passing the age of 50 and still hearing this ......I am just about to the point when it starts to just get up and walk out. I am in a rut and seem to do better if I just stay on my regular meds and try not to add anything to the mix. I am just venting here..... Why can't the Dr's just listen and try to believe what you tell them?

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  1. I hear you - even after all this time that I have been seeing my doctor I feel at times that he just doesn't get it!
    We all need to vent at times.