Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mom's 90th Birthday

Today my Mom celebrated her 90th birthday.My cousin Ersel brought her a cake with
a picture she had taken about 6 years ago
printed on it.
It was a small affair with a few of my cousins
in Mom's new apartment she is living in here
in the same town with me.
There were times in the last few months starting
Nov 2nd that I did not know if she would make it
to celebrate this day. The Lord has a plan for her,
I am not sure what it is but he has brought her through
two serious illnesses in the last 3 months he has a
plan...Lord help her or all of us to do your will with the
time you have granted us with this saint of yours.
I am glad we had this day and am so grateful for
my cousins for making it happen.
With my energy being spent out looking after
Mom and her needs lately there was not energy left
to throw a whing ding.
So I am very thankful they did this for Mom.
My short, dark haired, unbelievably energetic, almost 78
year old cousin Ersel planned this and we had a great time.
On the front row left is my Mom and my last living Aunt
on my dad's side....his sister, my Aunt Della is 93.
Next to her is my cousin Henry.
Back row is my sister-in-law Carolyn, cousin Bessie,
spunky Ersel, me and cousin June. These are
some of my cousins on my Dad's side of the family.
I am the youngest of them all. I was a late in life
kid so most of my cousin's on dad's side were
already grown or almost when I was born.
We had a great afternoon and Mom enjoyed herself.


  1. Oh what fun to gather for such a wonderful celebration! Congrats to your mom...and many more ahead.

  2. The Cake is gorgeous! What a great celebration! 90 years old! Happy Birthday to your mom and I have no doubt many more! Awesome!

  3. What a special celebration. I bet your mom was tickled by that cake and all the love and attention she received.