Monday, March 19, 2012

More Soaking than Sewing This Last Week

I spotted two old quilts at an antique store in my home town a couple
months ago and went back last week and they were still there!! I
usually do not go into antique stores but was with a friend and
had some time to kill and wondered on in....boy I am glad I did.
I kept thinking about these quilts but knew I had more important
things to do with any spare cash in our budget (dentist).
The prices were kinda high in my opinion as they were around
twin size. The Wedding Ring smaller with stains and needing
some repair.
My son went back in later and was able to get these both for me for $140!!! Maybe that was too much, but I love them and love that my son showed the kindness and love to do that for quilts go...he doesn't get too excited. Now if they were old guns, it would have been a different story altogether with him. So this week I spent 3 days soaking the white one in a product I found called Retro Clean. I don't have an after pic of it yet but it really worked. The yellow one I just soaked in Tide as I did not have enough of the Retro Clean to do both and the store I bought it at is about 45 minutes away from here. I put this quilt in a clear tub and added the mixture and soaked it out in the sun on the deck for almost 3 days. I would go out and stir it and lift it around and the Retro Clean really did work. There is only one tiny yellowish spot left on it. I covered my plastic tub with chicken wire as I was afraid my outside cat would try to drink it!! The above pic is after the the Tide soak. It cleaned up pretty good. All the Dresden plates are of old original feed sack material. I am not sure how old these are as the guy in the store purchased them at a sale and had no background on them. Isn't it sad that some family member spent so much time on them and they are not passed down in her family? Oh, well, I love them and appreciate her work!! I wish they had been labeled...reminder to self to get on that task. So instead of a design wall I am sharing a soaking deck!!! If you have any ideas on how old you think these may be feel free to comment!! If you have any stained fabric or quilts that need cleaning I would highly reccomend the Retro Clean.


  1. Wonderful old quilts. I think you got them for a great price and I'm glad they found a home where they will be loved!

  2. Such beautiful quilts! It does make one a little sad to know that someone put such time and love into a piece and it wasn't appreciated, but it makes one happy to know they've found a new home that will cherish them. Love the yellow dresden plate - such a happy quilt!

  3. How fun for you to get those quilts that would not leave your mind. Love quilts...they are labors of love shared .

  4. How very sweet of your son. He did great on the price! You can add a label now and tell how you aquired them and from where to give it history going forward.

  5. Oh those are gorgeous!! I think they cleaned up beautifully! Hug your son!