Friday, August 10, 2012

Butterfly and Tulip Wall Hanging

This is from an Eleanor Burn's pattern, made by Carol Farley.
I had admired this quilt on the wall of the shop for a couple years and
when she decided she was closing I ask if she would consider selling it?
She told me yes!!!
 It now has a new home hanging on the wall in my Mom's
apartment, here in town.  Her bathroom has butterflies and
I knew this would go really well and it just fits perfect in the spot
I wanted to hang it.  She really likes it and it just brightens
up the room!! 

 It also brightened Mom's day, which I must say sometimes is hard
to do.  I think being 90 and life is not how she wants it.  She wants
to be home on her farm, in her house, but can't's just plain
hard.  So, when something brightens her day it is really worth it.

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