Saturday, August 4, 2012

Another Antique Milk Can, Red Wagon, and Tub

This last week a friend asked me to drive our pickup over
to her garage to move a few boxes. She had this
old milk can sitting in her garage and I could not resist.
I asked her if she was wanting to sell it and I got it
for 5 dollars!  It is a small one, not as large as
my other ones so I wonder if it was a creamer
type can.  Made my day!!!!

This miniature red wagon came home with me from the
Kountry Kin Quilt Shop that was closing.  Not sure
what I am going to find to put into it.  It has those
hard tires so I know it is one of the old ones.

The friend that sold me the milk can also wanted to get rid
of this old tub.  It's in rough shape but I like it.
It reminds me of the tub Mom always had hanging on
the side of the little well house down on the farm
where I grew up.
If my memory is serving me right, I believe that I was bathed
in one very similar to this when I was really little.

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