Monday, February 28, 2011

Turning 10

My favorite middle grandson had a birthday
the 16th of February and he turned 10! It
really does not seem like we have had him that
long. I was thinking he was a baby and
will not remember the events of Sept 11 that year.
His packages all matched and we did not
even plan it that way!
This is my oldest grandson here with him. Let me tell you, these two are a pair and can stir up some trouble if given the opportunity! Here is the whole gang for the traditional birthday picture! For the last several years one of my two sons have taken in a foreign exchange student. I hope these kids don't forget us as they grow up and go their own ways. So far they have all been pretty good about keeping in touch with us by the internet.

Design Wall Monday

I actually finished this top in 2010.
I got the backing made for it
and after a good ironing it will be
ready for the quilter.
I love this little cat block I made for
the 3 1/2 inchers I am still plodding through. There are now 60 of the 4 x 8 flying geese. I also need to get my Dessert BOM and my Thangles- Buck a Block finished. The first Saturday of March new ones will be ready to pick up. I am really close now.....259 of the 9 Patches!!! I am so glad the sun is shining today. I believe I will get in the car and go up to the quilt shop and buy my white fabric to set these 9 patches on point.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Foto Finish .......Dots

Lots of dots here! This is my
youngest grand daughter's favorite shirt
of mine. Before she got "big" and went to
Pre School, we would watch her every
Wednesday morning while her Mom
was at work. Sometimes I would still be in bed when
she came and on those days she wanted
to pick what shirt I would wear.
Most every time she would reach up and tug
on the hem of this polka dot shirt.
I am kinda tired of the big baggy
red polka dot shirt but I do believe
I will be keeping it for a long time to come
as it holds a lot of fun memories of
M's mornings at Poppy's and Gramma's.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I am gaining little by little! There are
now 52 flying geese and I need 38 more.I have made 232 of the 3 1/2 Nine Patches
and need 38 more. Don't have much to say is a CFS day. I plan to try to get some resting done and then maybe I will have some energy to do some sewing .....and laundry.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our Winter Visitors....Swans

The last several winters we have had swans move
to town. You will have to click to enlarge to get
a better look, one has a red tag on his neck.
We have a small lake on each the South, East and
West sides of town. They usually stay in the
Katy Allen Lake on the east side.
They are so graceful and peaceful to watch. We have been checking the lakes when we are out and about and we haven't seen them since the "Midwest Blizzard of 2011". They may have thought it was time to move on!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Medical Appointments....venting...

I absolutely hate going to Dr and Dentist appts. I have been having trouble with my thyroid and my blood pressure. When I try the meds I have reactions and I get so tired of the medical professionals questioning me to see if it is in my head??? I will tell you after all the years of being ill I know when I am having a panic or nervous reaction to something and I know when a medicine is causing me to have a reaction. After passing the age of 50 and still hearing this ......I am just about to the point when it starts to just get up and walk out. I am in a rut and seem to do better if I just stay on my regular meds and try not to add anything to the mix. I am just venting here..... Why can't the Dr's just listen and try to believe what you tell them?

Foto Finish....Love

I think the cat loves us....I know we love the cat.
If she feels she has been neglected for too many
hours on any given day....when you walk past she
will do this .....and mew!Isn't this just pathetic? You would think she is neglected.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Design Wall Monday

This quilt is the new block of the month
project for 2011 at Kountry Kin Quilt Shop.
I really liked this one so I went
ahead and signed up.
I know I do not really need another project, but
what's one block a month to get done? The coffee cup is February's block, I picked my baggie up and will finish it before the months up. Below I have January's block is called chocolate cake. The owner has done a great job picking out all the colors to go in this quilt. She had two chocolate cakes made and ready to serve Saturday when everyone went to pick up their next block and instructions. Now to the design wall........this week I spent my quilting energy on my Valentine 8x4 inch flying geese blocks. They are fun to make and go rather quickly compared to my little 9 patch rascals!
Nine patch count is up to...... 204 down and
66 to go. Yeah, I have made it over the
200 mark!!!!
I have 48 flying geese blocks done
and 42 to go for my
Valentines Day Quilt! HAPPY VALENTINE DAY!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Foto Finish .......Green

Just about the time Valentines day is over
I start counting the days till spring.
With spring and the threat of the last frost
already past, it is Boston Fern time!
So when thinking of a green theme picture
it was my fern on a bicycle I wanted to post.When the middle of April rolls around,
we will be hitting the local stores
in search of nice Boston Ferns. We'll put
one in the basket of the bike, then hang
one each, on the front porch and the
back patio.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Design Wall Monday

These Flying Geese blocks are 4 x 8 inches. I saw
this Valentine fabric at Wal Mart and it was pretty
good quality so I bought about 4 yards
and am going to do one of
Eleanor Burns' patterns of a Flying Geese Quilt.
Probably just a couch throw size ...nothing too big. See those middle blocks that are the little heart candies?
Remember when we would trade cards when we
were kids in school and get those? I liked to get them but
sure didn't like how they tasted....and still don't.
The count for the 9 patches this week is.....
195 down and 75 to go!!! I saw this little guy can barely see the red on his head. I spotted a large red headed wood pecker earlier in the day and by the time I went and got my camera he flew off....I probably scared him when I hopped up out of my chair. I need to keep the camera by the sewing machine.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Foto Finish......Wiggly

Yesterday morning when I looked out my sewing
corner window this is what I saw. The sneaky little fellow was doing a whole lot
of wiggling to try to get to the suet cake and
It was like he was doing upside down chin ups!
It was so funny to watch him. He would let go
and swing back up on the branch and look at me
through the window. Next thing you know he
is letting go and wiggling down to grab
a hold of the food hanger.
He is just hanging in there for all it is worth with
those back legs and feet.
I will not be at all surprised to look out the
window sometime and see
the suet cake gone and I will have no
doubt of who took it!!!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Midwest Blizzard of 2011

Yep, that's what they're calling it.....there is even
a page set up on Facebook called that.The snow blew all the way up under the patio
roof and got on the wood.
For my CFS readers.....that is my bike.
My kids gave it to me for my 50th birthday.
Before CFS I really liked to ride a bike...
It doesn't see much action from me but
it is there if I feel I can make it around the
block or up the street.
The front porch got covered good.....didn't see
a mailman near it for 3 days!
By that time Joe had dug a path.
Gladys was glad Joe dug us a path for her
to use...she was not happy
with this mess. Still isn't...temps have been below
0 at night. She has a good little house and
warm bedding on the back patio. Here is the mum barrel!
The other barrel out by the edge of the drive
In a little over three months I will be
putting my Zinnia seeds in here for my
summer flowers.

I think the official count was 20 inches for

our town here in SW Missouri.

The drifts were higher than that by far. I have not seen weather like this since I was
a kids growing up in the county south of us.
This is the most snow my grown sons have ever
seen around here.
I believe they are calling for more
early next week.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blue Jay in the Blizzard

I looked out the window by my sewing corner
and saw two big Blue Jays eating from
the suet cake hangers!
I was surprised the camera got the picture
as good as it did through the window glass!! The snow is halfway up the milk can and still coming down strong.
It has been a long time since I have seen this
much snow here in our corner of SW Missouri.