Monday, July 30, 2012

Fabric and Burned Iron

Well, my design wall looks the same as it did in the last design
wall posting so I didn't want to bore you with that today,
  instead I will show you what I plan to have
on my design wall in weeks or months to come!!

I plan on taking the black and white fat quarters and cut more from the
bottom yards and make a Turning Twenty, believe it or not
I have never done one of those yet.  I think I have the pattern
and loaned it to my daughter in law, so will have to track it
down first.

 If you go back to my last posting you will see where one of my local quilt shops
went out of business due to the owner going into she really
had some good sales this last week.  No time to sew, had to shop.

The above fabric I plan on doing a Rail Fence with the bottom three and
a small border of black Kona I already had on hand. Then one of the
shop teachers talked me into the plaid for the border, not sure on that
but will see how it looks after the rail fence is done.
 There were some really good buys going on so I had to build up on some backing and
some stash fabric as I told myself I would never be able to find fabric again at the price
they were going for in the shop's closing sale.  So I indulged a little too much.  I don't know
what I will do with the wild flower fabric....just really liked it!!
 I did plan on trying to get more stack and whack blocks done for my wall and
this is how it started.  I sewed some and then plugged in the iron and left the room.
I returned and it smelled funny so I thought I better set it on the ironing board before
setting my seams and it was on there just a touch and the smoke rolled!!!!
I am so glad I didn't touch my fabric with it as I had purchased it late last
summer and just got enough to do my project. If I had burned that
block I don't know how I would have replaced that fabric!
The iron hit the trash sack, actually I threw it on the ground first then went
back and got it.  The thing was stinking up the sewing room!!
I still can't believe it heated up that hot in such a short time.
Glad I didn't leave it on and walk off for very long, it had one of those
deals where it turns itself off after a certain amount of time...but
after this blow up doubt that was working.

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  1. I have no idea why I hadn't read this post earlier; but I read it tonight and remembered that when I was on the way to the city for an appointment, I suddenly remembered that I had left my iron on. It's an old one without automatic shut off because I do not like irons that turn off whenever they take a notion. Now my iron is off, but without your post, who knows when I would have remembered it!