Friday, October 8, 2010

Apples and Squirrels

Did you know that squirrels like to eat apples, too? If not take a look!!!
This was taken about three years ago out in the front yard. We had
a lot of squirrels that the cats that fall and
that may be why we don't have as many squirrels
as we used to. They are fun to watch but can be
irritating when it comes to your bird feeders.


  1. What a priceless shot, Peggy. Thanks for posting to Foto Finish.
    We had a family of squirrels a few years back. When they didn't know we were watching they did the funniest things!

  2. What a fabulous shot. He must have been very hungry to let you get so close. We dont have squirrels in New Zealand but I got a couple of great shots of a squirrel when we were in Canada.