Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Flower Garden Quilt

Today is a beautiful fall day in Missouri. It is cool and the leaves are turning.
I think I have some energy today to do a few things I want.
Hope to get in some sewing and a trip to Wal Mart.
This flower garden quilt was a birthday gift from a few years back. It is all hand pieced and
quilted. I can't begin to imagine all the hours the lady put in making this. She did
a wonderful job. My husband and the grand kids surprised me with it.I didn't notice the light from the ceiling fan until I posted!! In the old jar
is a bunch of antique buttons. My youngest grand daughter loves to
dump them out on the bed and count and play games with them.
I remember playing with buttons when I was a child, I think
that is probably why I collect buttons. I have
a few tins full of buttons picked up here and there
through the years.


  1. Thanks Renee! I have tried making a couple of these blocks and thats as far as I got.