Thursday, October 7, 2010

Welcome Fall and Better Days

I welcome fall but more than that I'd like to welcome some good days. I pretty much lost 3 days to CFS and pain this week already. I just hate that. Haven't touched my sewing machine in over a week or so. Messing with fabric and sewing gets my mind off pain and fatigue, that is when I am up to's a fine line. Joe drove me to McDonald's drive through early this afternoon to get a yogurt parfait. That is the first time I have been out of the house since Monday morning. I was not feeling to woopy Monday am and went in a local store to look at clothing with my Redhead DIL and there were strong scents wafting through the air. We were not there long but it helped push me on over the edge. I was in bed by mid afternoon with a headache and Tues. and Weds. were not much better. Today has been better, thus I am looking forward to welcoming some better days....please Lord. My 88 year old mother is needing me to do some things for her and I had to try to explain why I was not up to it yet today. She is a 45 minute car ride from our house. It really stresses me to not be able to do for her like I wish I could. It just about stresses me out worse when others expect me to and don't understand why I am not there for her more. I really do not know how in the world you parents with CFS do it with younger kids. My boys were in high school when CFS hit me and that was hard enough. Now I need to get a grip on handling an elderly parent while dealing with CFS/FM.

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