Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mixed Mums In An Old Rusty Barrel

We planted these mums in August of 2006 after I learned my
cousin had lost her battle with breast cancer.
I could not just sit and cry after I got the call from
my son that my husband took me to
get mums and we spent the evening planting.
I am glad we did.
I I'm so happy they are surviving and blooming each year.
They remind me of her.....miss you my dear cousin, Debbie. She loved working out in her yard and before she became ill she had a wonderful little rock and fountain gold fish pond. I wish I had drove to her home and spent more time sitting in the swing by the pond visiting......but I thought we would have years to grow old together and talk about our grand kids. Her first one is a girl and will be here in Feb. 2011.


  1. that is a beautiful arrangement!! what a memory for her. I kind of did the same thing when a girlfriend died - I have plants that she gave me planted all over the yard - she was such a gardener and handed off plants all the time - it is like part of the yard is a memorial to her.

  2. what a memorial for her and this way you always think happy thoughts of her I am sure when the flowers are blooming.

  3. These are so beautiful, and what a wonderful way to honor your cousin.