Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First Snowflakes

I looked out the window this morning around 10am and
I saw our first snowflakes of the season!!
Here is what it looked like on Christmas night
2009.......hope we have another
snowy Christmas this year.Isn't there an old saying about the date the first
snow falls on is how many snows you will
have that winter?? Today is the 30th....
so maybe 30 snows!!!


  1. EEk! Too early for snow. We're still adjusting to it not being 80 every day, after our vacation last week. Rainy and 60 here today and tomorrow, but then back into the 40's.

    Than again, if it's going to be cold, I;d rather there was some snow.


  2. Ah, I didn't realize you were in MO, Peggy! We pass through there every summer on our way to and/or from Oklahoma where my husband's Dad lives. You have some beautiful state parks and rivers!


  3. We are just north of you in MO, but we don't have snow yet..Cold, very cold but no snow.

  4. I'm so glad you joined us for Foto Finish! And I'm glad the topic was right on point for your blog. That's a great shot. Take care.