Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh To Live a Cats Life, Free of CFS and Worry

This is how I feel.....I'd like to just stick my tongue out
at illness.Look it straight in the face.....without fear.
Crawl in my the sun. Turn my back on the worries and stress.
But, can't do that, must go forward.
I've lost almost a whole week bending to the
demands of illness.
Missed Thanksgiving with family.
Missed the laughter of my grand kids....and
their squabbling.
Missed eating things I love.
But, I will go forward one day at a time and
CFS and illness may be in my life but
it does not own my life.


  1. Oh I am so sorry you have not been able to celebrate Thanksgiving with your family...No desire too! Wishing you better days ahead.

  2. So sorry you could not spend Thanksgiving with your family. Living without desire too. WIshing you better days ahead.