Monday, November 22, 2010

Design Wall Monday

My 6 1/2" nine patches are an ongoing
project for me. I thought I would
show some of them by the Beatitudes that
are actually what I have on my wall.I am sure there is a way I could work them into
a top with the 9 patches, but the example I saw
at the shop had them placed within a
3 strip rail fence block.
This is how I set my last batch of 9 patches. If you want you can look back on my post and see the whole 9 Patch Scrappy Quilt.
(Link below this picture....not really sure
how to do all this blog stuff yet!!!)


  1. 9 Patches are SO awesome, aren't they?

  2. Bright and cheerful. Too cute.

  3. I've made three projects with nine patches this year--just love them for their cheer and simplicity.

  4. It always surprises me that such a simple block makes a wonderful quilt! You don't need to make a zillion pointy things or blocks with 65 pieces when a 9-patch quilt like yours is so beautiful in it's simplicity.

  5. You do incredible work. Beautiful!