Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Gramma Can Be Fun

This is my oldest middle grand daughter. She loves
to play with lipstick.
I am not the kind of Gramma I had planned on being.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome changed those plans I had.
I do my best and I try to make fun memories for
the kids and myself.
I try to be creative....that's where the lipstick and the
cans of beads and bracelets come in handy.
I also have a few hats.
You can entertain from a horizontal position if
you own a few cans of beads and a cheap tube of

I have times that it really bothers me that I can not

do all the things with the kids that I would like.

I worry about them understanding why Gramma is

not present at a lot of activities....like other grandparents are.

I can't take the heat, or extreme cold, driving very far

wears me out. Don't have the

energy to make it through a day trip to an amusement park.

Sometimes a trip to McDonald's is all I can do with them and that

may be at the drive thru!!!

We make up songs to sing....you can do that sitting in a car while

Mom is inside Wal Mart, but now they are all in school. Pre School

to 7th grade, so the Wal Mart sitting, I think, has past.

So when one of the kids visits us and asks for the cans

of beads or lipstick.....or breaks out singing our

cat song.....I know I am making happy

memories with them, just not at the amusement

park as I had planned before I was a Gramma with CFS.

Oh, and another thing we can do when I need a rest....

draw the ABC's on the ceiling with flashlights while flopped on the bed

together........they love the flashlights and can use

them at Gramma's house. They tell me

they can't do that at home because Dad says they'll run the

battery down!!


  1. It sounds like you're an awesome Grandma!! I've been through everything you've described here, as a mother when my kids were littler. I finally realized they loved me anyway, even if I couldn't do everything I used to!

    You know, some of my best memories with my own Grandma were of dressing up in her stuff. She's let me wear her shoes and her jewelry, and I'd shuffle around the living room pretending to be her. She didn't even get mad at me when I peed in her shoes one day when I got so involved in my game I forgot to go to the bathroom! Ah, sweet memories...ha ha!

    Looks like your granddaughter had a great time at your house! She'll remember this stuff!


  2. It is great you find things you can do with the grandchildren...we have to make our memories the way we can....but I too miss doing and attending and being active....