Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Makes Me Feel Like the Cat

This is how I feel today....like crawling under a quilt
and hiding...hiding till good health comes.
That would be a long time of hiding...as
I don't think good health will ever come
again unless God gives me a miracle.I have been doing better but this week I am fighting
a case of diverticulitis and having to take antibiotics
again. I just finished a round a few weeks ago for an
infected tooth. Antibiotics drag me down. I avoid them
till the "last dog dies, or at all cost at times".
After reading some of the other CFSers posts, I wonder
if I am having herxing symptoms when on
I have no right to gripe, as last year was very rough
and I have a lot of stress with Mom. Stress with my
husband's health, older brother's health and family
stress in general...not to mention the economy.
So I am thankful I have been doing as well as
I have been.

Mom is living in a little "Senior Apartment" not far
from us and we have home health coming in
twice a day to help with her. It is a lot better
than dealing with her being in the nursing home.
I still had to go there everyday to stay on top
of things with her there...now we do it in the apartment.

I really do not think she will ever go back to the
farm to live again. I am sorry for that....I know
she gets homesick for her home, but I can
care for her better here and get better help to
come in with her in this county.

Goldie still loves to find new hiding places and
she really likes the quilts that are sitting waiting
for me to bind them. Putting off binding my quilts
is my worst habit....I think sometimes it is because
they are so big and it take so much energy to wrestle
them around to get them through the sewing machine.
Or that is my excuse...really it is true.


  1. So sorry to hear you have been having some rough days. You know, after I got CFS, I discovered that I no longer tolerated certain antibiotics. I had a full allergic reaction to sulfa drugs (hives), but others just made all my CFS symptoms worse (they got rid of the infection but made me feel worse in the meantime). With some experiementation, my doctor and I discovered that I tolerated Zithromax and doxycyline well, with no worsening of my CFS, but that I should avoid amoxicillan.

    It may be something similar for you - where only certain abx make you feel worse. Just something to keep in mind for next time.


  2. Thanks Sue....I will keep the Zithromax written down as I too tolerate the doxycycline well. It is my go to one if I need an antibiotic.

  3. I hope you feel better soon, Peggy. I did not know that about antibiotics...what Sue said. Amazing info since both Joel and I were on Antibiotics with Lyme...I could also only tolerate Zithromax and Doxy! I don't think my lyme dr. knows this. hmmmm The photo is cute with your cat!

  4. I am glad to hear this from you both as I have mentioned this to Dr's and they just get a blank look ....like you...it's in your head look? Well I find it interesting ..we all tolerate Doxy. That is the one I just finished for 15 days for the tooth that was infected. I am into my second day on this generic Flagyl and don't know if I am going to be able to hold out for the 7 days. It is really trying to make the brain fog worse then if it hits my nervous system I really struggle to swallow the next one. Thanks ladies....

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