Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thimble Collection.....20 Years With CFS

I have collected thimbles longer than I have had
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!!!
When friends and family travel I am usually blessed with a
thimble or two ...or more when
they return home.
I wish early on I would have dated and named, who they were
from on each of the thimbles,
but I guess when your young you think you'll remember everything. NOT..
So here in later years I have been marking the inside of
them with a thin line Sharpy.I have over 200 thimbles. These are some of my favorites
and ones from my kids latest vacations.
I said I have been collecting thimbles longer than I have
had CFS and that has been longer than 20 years.
This month marks 20 years that I have lived with
this dreaded disease. It was mid March of 1992 that
I got sick with what at the time I thought was a virus,
bug or something..that then turned into strep.
I was diagnosed in Aug of that year with Chronic
Fatigue Syndrome. Life changed a whole lot after
that. I have never been able to function the same
as I did before then...ever. I was a pretty busy person.
Learning to pace myself did not set well...but was forced
upon me.
There have been times of better health and
times of worse. I was even able to go back to work
part time from 1997 to 2002 and after that
I worked some each week on a fill in or call in
basis till Nov 2006. I miss working. It helped
keep my mind on other things and I was around
other people more often then I am now.
Well, in March of 1992, if someone had said will
be living like this for the next 20 or more years I don't think I would have handled it very well.
Heck...I thought I was going to die that summer I
was so sick.
But I have lived 20 years with it, it's hard, it's just flat
the pits, but you know...I have lived.
I have seen my sons marry.
I have been given 7 grand kids and and looking forward
to a new one.
I went through a divorce because of loosing my health
only to be given the best husband I've ever had.
(SHHs I have had 3)
I recently watched my Mom celebrate her
90th birthday.
I have stood at the graves of friends younger
than me that have died of other illnesses...but I have
So, even with CFS trying to rule my life at times
I HAVE LIVED. Not like I had planned...but
I have lived.
I do not say this lightly....if not for the prayers
of myself, family and friends I am not sure
I would have.
Thank you GOD.

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