Monday, March 26, 2012

Design Wall Monday....Round Robin

The quilt guild I go to is doing another Round Robin Quilt exchange.
This is the one I drew at the last meeting.
I absolutely love all the brights in this.
Today I am working on surrounding it with lime green
and white nine patches that will be 6 inch when sewn in.
I will break up the nine patches by adding a few white
strips in between on each side.
The next border added by the person drawing it will be
the last border. Next meeting we get to take home our original one.
I love these quilts long as folks keep them square.
Well, this one doesn't look too square but that is just
the way it is sagging on the back of the table cloth hung on
my wall!!
I would love to own this quilt ....but I say that about
all the Round Robin Quilts I work get attached to
them. Some of my favorite quilts are these kind.

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