Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Antique Milk Cans

I love having my old milk cans around my house.
Last fall I bought this white one for $15!!
Hadn't bought one in years.
I love how it is different than the others
I have sitting around.
See how it says Kansas City at the bottom?
Well the dandelions are gone and I planted
a Hosta by it so I hope it grows and
they look good together. I have never
grown a Hosta plant before.
This oldy has been many colors.
I plan on having it painted bright red
some day. Hopefully I can do it
myself. It sits on our little back porch.
The blue one below is probably the first one I owned and have had around 38 years. It sat on the front porch of the first house I lived in when I left home and married when I was way too young. It was brown back then. Got this oldy when a neighbor moved and just left it behind. I love how you can still read the number on it. My dad and oldest brother drove a milk truck when I was little..under school age. I do remember riding with my brother on his milk route. Mom was with us and he let me eat his cookies out of his lunch box. I put a Boston Fern in it yesterday, so I hope the frost is gone for this spring. I wonder just how many gallons of milk this carried for the farmer who owned it and how many different places it went. Have had this oldy a lot of years too....can't remember for sure where it came from now. How I wish I had kept better track of where and when I got these cans. Like I said before when your young you think you will remember it all.... I try to keep these hens and chicks going in the lid. It doesn't do the best ...but they survive. We had cows and milked till I was around 6. I remember when we started buying milk to drink from town and I thought it was just awful tasting. I remember Mom putting cream in a peanut butter jar and having me roll it all around on the hard wood floor to make butter. I don't really think she was needing that butter that bad.....but it was a good way to keep me busy and out of her way for a while!!


  1. Hi, I am new to your blog. I love your milk can (and the butter story!) My husband is the 6th generation on his family farm. I found some of these last weekend in the barn. I am going to paint them, but no idea what color yet! And fill them with flowers :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by doodlebugmom...I will go over and check your blog out today. That is amazing to have a sixth generation family farm!!!
    I plan on taking that blue more rusty milk can and painting it red...have to have a good dry and energetic day to give it a try!!