Friday, April 27, 2012

Finished Round Robin Quilts of Spring 2012

  I knew when I saw this material that it would be the perfect border to
finish  the last Round Robin Exchange quilt I had to
work on in quick order this week.  I love it, the brights
with the black background would just pull this
spool themed quilt together.
 I think it really did make a good border for this quilt. It
is the last one of this exchange ...whew...I always
wait till the last minute.  I wouldn't mind being the owner
of this one at all.
 This lady wanted hers to be a fall theme and I think it
turned out just beautiful.
 I think us girls did an outstanding job this time
and got really creative with these borders.
The quilts look like they all stayed pretty
squared up, which is a task when
you have so many different people
sewing on each quilt.
 This black and red one belongs to the quilt shop owner and
we all know she is a Kansas City Chief fan I know
there will be KC Chief backing on this quilt for her
to be cuddled up under during this winters games!!!

 The next two below are pillow tops the lady wanted
for her grand daughter. She was a beginner and
had never done an exchange quilting before
and wanted to keep it simple.
 I really like the orange one and it is bigger than the pink one.
I am sure her grand daughter will love them.
 For some reason my camera did not do well picking
up the colors on this one. It was really bright and
 Now this one below is the one I really love as IT IS MINE!!!
I am going to add one more border that pulls together the
flowers from my middle block. I don't think I have enough
of that original Eleanor Burns fabric but will find
something close to it. It is much brighter than the camera
shows it...must have been my flash with the evening sun
coming in the windows washed the colors out a little.

There are a few more that didn't make it in this evening but hope to
get pictures of them soon.  I love these Round Robin Exchange Quilts,
but am sure glad when we get the project finished. Then I say I
won't do another one as it is always hanging over my head to
get to it and my health is not always cooperative....but
I love owning one so I usually cave in and do them.
But, not another one for a while.!!

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