Friday, April 6, 2012

Antique Quilt Finished

Finally, it is finished!! My grandmother on my
Mom's side started this quilt way back in the
late 60's. It was all hand pieced and has a lot
of feed sack material in it.
My cousin ended up with it after buying my
aunt's house and graciously gave me the unfinished
quilt top. I finished the pieces by machine and patched here
and there and got it all ready and sent to the quilter.
I put lime green marble on it for backing and binding,
which may not go with the time frame....but I like it.
I am not really sure what the quilt block is called.
I know in one of Eleanor Burns' books, Underground
Railroad they refer to it as the Crossroads Block.

I have always had a fascination with the feed sack
material and I am so glad my Grammie put some of
it in these blocks.
I also recognize the fabric that is white with the red polka dot
in it from fabric she made a shirt out of in the late
60's. She wore that shirt a lot and I liked it, she would
most generally have a hanky stuffed in her front breast
pocket and a pack of Camel cigarettes. LOL...I don't
even think they had filters back then. Or were they
Pall Malls? Heck I can't remember...Pa Pa smoked one
kind she smoked the other.
Now back to my quilt talking...
The quilter finished it with an older pattern and did
a great job and it is bound and ready to use.
Matter of fact, I cuddled up in my glider with
it last evening. We're having a little cooler
evenings here in Southern Missouri this week.
I thought...mmm.... kinda like having my grandmother's
arms around me, by having this hand stitching
of hers surrounding me.
I am just so thankful my cousin gave it to me
and I actually stuck in there and got it finished.
I think having my Mother get so gravely ill this
winter lit a fire under me so I could see that it
was done and Mom could enjoy looking at what
her Mother had pieced so many years ago.


  1. I love feedsack quilts and having one your grandmother started is so special. Congratulations on your finish!

  2. How wonderful you were able to have this quilt top, finish it and carry it forward as a generational gift to your family.

  3. So beautiful and vibrant colors! What a treasure you have! Lucky you! :)