Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kountry Kin Quilt Shop Closes

Carol Farley decided it was time for her to retire as
she was turning 66 this last week, so Kountry
Kin Quilt Shop had it's last day of business
on July 28th, 2012.

I will miss this place.   Carol was the one that started
me on the path of making quilts.  That was something
I had wanted to learn to do for many years.  When
I finally had to give up my last part time at the end
of 2005 I went to learn to make quilts.  Carol is who
I had my first lesson from. I saw a sign advertising
her class on a table runner in Oct. 2005 and walked into
her shop and signed up.  She worked with me one
on one that first day and the rest is history.
I am hooked....when my time and energy allows it
I like to make quilts.

This old sign greeted us at the front entrance. 

That dang knob on the front door always stuck on me
when I went to leave.....I never did learn to turn it the right

When you pulled up and parked the first thing you would notice
was one of Carol's latest quilts hanging from the front railing, weather
permitting.  I always liked that because that was what
caught my attention the first time I went to her shop.
It was a quilt flapping in the breeze with a sign on it
to advertise a beginner class.

 When the sun was perfect at the right time of day the
stained glass window at the back of the shop was beautiful.
See, this once was a church located west of Rich Hill that
was moved into town in 1992.

I went up to do a little shopping at the first of this last week and
it was already starting to look a little bare ......lots of good buys.

 I loved how she had this old trunk display set up for kid's
fabrics.  There was a little red wagon on the back side
of this and it came home with me.  Wish I had gotten
a picture of it while it was sitting here.
 I think the little bear looks a little sad that Kountry Kin
is closing and he won't be seeing us running in and out
any more!!
 This was Marie waiting on customers the last Monday the
shop was open.  That cluttered table had seen a lot of
quilts made, classes taken, friendships formed, tears shed
and plenty of laughter and good food..
It is where we sat at our monthly Stitch in Time Guild meeting.
 Pretty Christmas display.
This is the very last Shop Hop Quilt from the Spring of
2012 made by Carol, each block was made by a different
shop owner on the hop.

 I love these scripture quilts and have the fabric to do this, it's
in my "WIP's" work in progress.
This is a quilt Carol made that sat on a table at the
entrance/ exit...where the door always stuck on me.

Good bye Kountry Kin and thank you to Carol Farley
for 19 years she gave to the business community of little
old Rich Hill, Missouri and all she of gave of herself to
the manywho entered her store.

Happy RETIREMENT...enjoy.  See you at the
local quilt shows and guild meetings.
I am gonna miss this place.
It was a therapeutic place for me at times!!!


  1. Hey! Sorry the shop is closing. I came over from the Plum and June link. Best of luck to Carol.

  2. Oh, how sad to lose your favorite quilting shop...beautiful place! I have always wanted to learn and never have.