Saturday, July 7, 2012

Radio Flyer Wagon, White Milk Can and Porcelain!! WOW

My white milk can now has company.  An old friend 's girlfriend gave me the little
red wagon after seeing how I messed around a little in my yard. Bless her, I
hardly know her.  Then the friend gave me the old chamber pot on the right when
cleaning in his storage unit.  I saw it needed rose moss planted in it right away.
Then while down at my Mom's farm house, I noticed her old porcelain pot with
the red handles and saw the moss was croaking since she is not living there.
I thought I better bring it home so I could water the moss and had a vision of it in this
little wagon with the other porcelain pot. Yep, they fit. 
I also saw that little black tub sitting neglected and needing flowers in it so
home with me it came and it fit in the milk can.  I have never grown Petunias, 
that's one of Mom's favorites. I just don't like the smell of them.
Well, I thought since I took the little tub from her place I would put some
Petunias in far it's working for me, they are thriving in this 100 degree heat.

While thinking about one of my favorite fabric and quilt shops going out of
 business it came to me I had seen one of the white and red pans in her shop
and wondered if she was selling it.  So on my next trip up there it came home
with me for a good price.
I didn't have any dirt from the farm around so I went to Wal Mart and bought 
cactus soil.   I have never used that before and  am not sure how it is going to 
work  for my hens and chicks but they are still alive in it. Hope they thrive
in this heat.  
I really like my little arrangement if I may say so. Just wish it
were not so very hot outside so I could sit and enjoy it more!! 
It would all probably look better with some white landscaping rock under
it....give me time and some $$$$'s and maybe it will happen.


  1. Oh, I love how this looks! I love the gathered treasures, and I love the petunias. (I too like to look at them more than smell them, and think maybe I need to go buy some since I didn't get any this year.)
    Please try to stay cool--I'm hoping you get enough rain to cool things off so you can spend some time outside enjoying them. (I'm hoping I get enough rain that I can go pull more weeds--within 24 hours of our last rain, it was already too dry to pull weeds!)

  2. Thanks Dora, it has been weeks since our last rain and our temps here in SW MO are in the 100's everyday. Need a break from it all.

  3. Really cute.....Glad you are enjoying it!