Monday, July 16, 2012

Stack and Whack Blocks

Well, these block seem to boggle my mind.  I have to
really pay attention to what I am doing.  I love
the Stack and Whack quilts I have seen, and everyone
says they are fun to do!!

I think they are a little bit complicated, but then maybe after
you do a few more they get easier.  I plan to do 8 of these
blocks and make a couch throw for my Mom's apartment.

I love how they remind me of those little kaleidoscopes we had when
we were kids back in the day.  Those were so fun to play with, you
never did know what design you would end up with.  I was always
trying to turn it and get the same one to show up twice.

This is just a beautiful one a lady from my guild made...
Kay W. from Stitch in Time, this thing is a California
King Size....and I am worrying about doing 8 blocks?

Then again I have the energy challenge (CFS) that likes
to dictate when and how much I do.

If you have the patience they sure do make beautiful quilts.


  1. I LOVE your SNW blocks - you picked great fabrics! They do get easier, but for me they get more addicting. I've done several SNW quilts and I know there are more in my future because it is such fun to see how different each block turns out. - Happy stitching-

  2. I love these so much I've made more than I can count--and have several more pieces of fabric that I just HAVE to see made up into SNWs! Love the fabric you chose!

  3. Those do look like kelidascopes. that what I thought anyway. they are beautiful!