Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nine Patch Scrappy Quilt

This is my Singer Featherweight that I do my quilt sewing on. It really is a good little machine. I sew on the bindings of my quilts at my kitchen table so I have plenty of room to spread the quilt out and keep it even.
I am always glad to have it sewn on ......but then the hard work starts of sewing it down on the back of the quilt by hand.
Someday I am going to get brave again and try machine stitching the binding down.....did that on my first quilt and I was not very happy with how it looked. The blind stitching is really more exact but takes a lot of time.....or it does for me.
I was really happy with the quilt and entered it in a local small town Quilt Show.
It won a RED RIBBON!!!!!!!
The competition was not too stiff, but still....a second place...I am happy with that!!!
I got my idea for this quilt and design over on crazy mom's blog......THANKS CRAZY MOM for the idea.......http://crazymomquilts.blogspot.com. Her blog has a lot of fun ideas on it and usually a quilt along taking place.

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