Monday, January 31, 2011

Design Wall Monday

A friend made this cars quilt and showed it at the last guild meeting.
She said it was fast and she made it in one evening.
It would make a little boy's quilt or a bigger boy's
quilt. So bright and colorful.This weeks count on the nine patches is
156 down and 140 to go. Not a very productive week but am pleased to have some progress!! Has anyone ever started thyroid medicine for hypothyroidism? That's the path I am on this week and don't look forward to a new med added to the ones I am on....they gave me Synthroid. Well we are under a blizzard warning....don't think I have ever seen that here in SW Missouri. The front porch is already like an ice skating rink!! I think we're in for it but good for the next 2 days.


  1. We are under blizzard warnings and much snow and ice here in Oklahamo as well. Staying warm and toasty in my bed with my blankets.

    I love the car quilt. What a beautiful gift idea for a boy!

    I bet you will be so proud of yourself when you get those last 140 ones done, huh!

    Quilting is a lot of work but the results are often amazing...even stunning.

    I'm glad the practice continues today.

    If I could physically do this, I think I would make one with fall colors and the covers of my favorite books. Now that would be cool... with lots of photos of Pugs! :-)

  2. Love the car quilt!! What fun for a boy. I am on Synthroid...for 25 or more years in fact. It may increase your energy.

  3. Hey you are over halfway on the 9patches!! Good job!