Monday, January 10, 2011

Design Wall Monday...Pink Churn Dash

I got the other antique Churn Dash quilt top out
and went over it and put pins in where I need to do
some repairs. I plan to get those done today while the snow is
falling outside the window by my sewing table!! Other than
a few falling fine flakes this is our first snow of the new year.I got the star points made and sewn on the
buck a blocks. I still need to pick up
the January set at the shop.
The batch of 3 1/2 inch 9 patches have
grown a little this last week.
I had 54 last week now there are 72. Still a ways to go to get to 270 but little by little I will get there. I feel like I am getting a head cold and really don't need that. I find it hard to sew if my head is hurting. If something else is hurting usually sitting down at the machine will take my mind off of it....but not when it is my head.


  1. Each block is one closer :) I love the antique quilt.

  2. I love the second photo! Wow!

    I'm with you. When my head hurts or I'm struggling with dizziness, everything comes to a stand still - just about.

    I hope you are able to knock out the head cold quickly.

    I love your quilts. You do such beautiful work!

  3. Great photos...beautiful work! Hope the cold disappears quickly.