Saturday, January 1, 2011

Foto Finish....Beginning

Here is a photo of a sunset here in SW Missouri. In
December I noticed that is was getting dark really
early ....before 5:30 most days.Here after the beginning of the New Year we will
start to notice that the days are beginning to
get a little longer. I really don't care for
the darkness to hit right after 5 pm, so I start watching
for those later sunsets.


  1. Beautiful sunset. So glad you stopped by.

  2. Stunning photo! I didnt realize that you days lengthened at the new year? Wow. I don't think they do here in Tulsa or at least I hadn't noticed. I'm with you on not liking it to get dark at 5pm-ish!

  3. This is absolutely beautiful. When we lived in Duluth MN it seemed like it was dark by in north Iowa it is by 5:15...but now already 5:30 so I am all for these longer days once Dec. 21 passes..