Saturday, January 8, 2011

Foto Finish....Scenic

Well to be honest I struggled with this theme a little as I hardly ever travel,
or I guess I should say, never travel.
When I go down home where I grew up I always
enjoy the town square. I do not believe I have
ever seen another that is this nice to view. That
just may be because this is the one I saw when I was
a kid and we made that weekly trip off the farm to town.
Just this last year on a wall off the south west side
of the square they had this beautiful mural painted.
I like the wall murals and here where I live
they have a couple on walls around town.
The first picture above, of the train, is one I go past more
often when I get out to go to the grocery store
or run an errand. So this is pretty much some of my local area
scenery! To see more of the scenic pics go on over
view the Foto Finish Saturday post.


  1. I love these! The middle one reminds me of the "clock tower" from Back to the Future, only without the clock. Thanks for posting.

  2. Those are incredible murals. That first one is so life like. The last one I really like.

    Nice old-fashioned home-town feeling! :-)

  3. I think it's terrific when towns paint murals on their buildings & give them character! I wouldn't mind hanging out in that town square either - it's great!
    Thanks for sharing your scenes with us!

  4. Great shots - Nothing wrong with home town images - there is beauty everywhere.

  5. Fun Murals and great local scenery!