Saturday, January 22, 2011

Foto Finish....... Kodachrome

When the subject was announced for this Saturday's
Foto Finish and it was Kodachrome the first thing I
thought of was the song, and I see I am not the only
one that did!!!!
I also remembered the segment on the
evening news about a shop over in Parson, Kansas
that was developing Kodachrome for the last time.
I tell you people had traveled from all over to
get their last pictures developed. It was kinda sad,
Kodachrome....a thing of the past.I like all the bright colors in this quilt I made last
summer. I even have a little green grass of summer
in the picture below.
Really, I could not resist going on over to You Tube and listening to that old
song from my early teens....thought I'd just share that, too. It plays better,
I think if you go on over and watch it on You Tube.


  1. What a beautiful quilt! So colorful!! Paul Simon is one of my husband's favorite singers.

  2. That's a really bright and energetic quilt. A great pick-my-up in the winter I bet! :-)

  3. Very pretty quilt, definetly one only Kodachomre could have done justice too. My husband stayed with film as long as it was feasible, but it just got so hard to find places to get the film developed.

    Enjoyed the musical flashback.

  4. Perfect shot, Peggy. Thanks for posting to Foto Finish!

  5. Great colors in your quilt Peggy. And thanks for posting the song too!