Monday, December 13, 2010

Design Wall Monday

The month was October, the year was 2005, when
I saw a finished sample of this Christmas table runner hanging
outside of the quilt shop advertising a sewing class to
make one for yourself.
I went in and signed up and here is the table runner
I made.....crooked, missed points, mistakes and all.!!
I decided to dig it out last week and try to get
it finished. I am going to leave it with
all the imperfections and enjoy it the way it turned out.
I bought some green to back it with and at the class she
gave us some of the red for the binding.
I am so glad I took that class, it was
fun and it got me hooked on quilting!!
Remember those black and white Buck a Blocks I
posted last Monday? Here is a pic of a few of
them in the quilt on display at the shop. I think
when I finish my blocks I am going to put
white on the outside of the red star points to
make it less busy looking.


  1. Hi Peggy...
    The first wall hanging you made is very special! It reminds you of your love you discovered for quilting. I have been quilting for over 45 years, and I'm not really good at it at all. Last night I spend about 5 hours making crazy wonky squares, and I finished off two of the longer ones that look like either a place mat or a table runner...and then I thought I'd try quilting them into 12 inch squares and put 3 together, and I don't like it. My hubby likes them, but I feel like a flop. Oh is a new day!

    I also like all the many star patterns in the new one you are making. I also agree that the white would really set the star off! Can't wait to see it when you are done!

  2. What a fun table runner! Isn't it nice to see how much you have improved but still be able to enjoy the finished runner?

    Good work!


  3. How wonderful to have the first quilt you ever made!

    My first quilt has been loved nearly to death, but that's what quilts are for, I think.

  4. I just love the Santas and pinwheels.

  5. I love your pinwheel Christmas Table Runner. WOW! The colors and the pinwheels are lovely.

  6. I can see the immediate appeal to this runner and totally understand why you signed up for the class even though you had never quilted before. Sometimes that is exactly how it all starts! I really like it. Cheers! Evelyn

  7. How wonderful that you have the project that started it all! It's really cute!