Saturday, December 18, 2010

Peppermint Shoes ...Foto Finish ...RED

Here you see peppermint shoes that I found
last December for my youngest granddaughter!!
When I first saw these shoes at the store I thought,
I would have loved wearing those when I was a little
girl. OK, that means they need to end
up on the feet of one of my granddaughters!
They only had small sizes so the other 3 girls
didn't get peppermint shoes. My oldest granddaughter,
12 years old, was probably relieved!
We had to get red fingernail polish to match
the shoes. She loves her nails polished.
Red is my favorite nail polish color even if
I don't wear it often.
Wearing peppermint shoes and red nail polish can make a little girl feel great. Her birthday is 2 days after Christmas and she is growing up too fast! I wish I could find peppermint shoes to fit her again this year.....I think gramma had more fun with the peppermint shoes than anyone. Ladies don't you wish you could have had a pair of peppermint shoes when you were a little girl?


  1. Yes, and a pair of ruby slippers too! These are great shots. What a cutie. And what a great "red" image. Thanks for posting.

  2. I would wear peppermint shoes NOW! They just make me smile. Thanks for sharing your wonderful 'red' foto finish. :^)

  3. Very sweet!
    (Did you see Laurel's blog today?

  4. Oh, what fun! I would not mind a pair of peppermint shoes either :) How cute....