Monday, December 27, 2010

Turning 4

My favorite youngest grand daughter had her 4th
birthday today. It does not seem like she should be that old. Her dad is trying to get her
to wear the big hat, that she wanted no part of
when the waiter staff came to sing Happy Birthday
to her.
Here she is with her cousins, brother and sister at her party this evening. This is all my grand kids plus this years foreign exchange grand kid from Japan. I can tell by the look on my grand daughter's face (far left) that her older brother (top left) is pestering her....the look on his face tells the story. Being the older brother of two younger sisters.....we see that look on his face quite often. She is not my baby grand daughter any more but she still likes gramma to rock her and read to her. I could be such a better grandma if I did not have this Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This disease has cheated me from being the kind of grandparent that I had planned on being but I am thankful for the happy times I am able to share with them.

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  1. You're last paragraph brought me to tears. I never really got how the severely the ME/CFS affected me until I tried to hold my new grand-daughter. Almost dropped her several times! It stinks.

    Despite that, somehow I think you probably make a great grandma!