Thursday, December 30, 2010

Where's The Cat

Well I didn't see the cat, wondered if she had shot out the door when
I opened it. She is good at that if you don't watch her.Then Joe pointed out the lump in the rugs where we put
the wood at night......there was the cat.
When I said her name she peeked out.
Goldie keeps us entertained.
Here we are on the next to the last day of the year
and we let the fire burn out last night.
It is just after noon and the temperature is
up to 66 degrees. We won't be putting
any wood on the rugs tonight but I do
think we will soon as it is supposed to
drop down to below 20 degrees tomorrow night.


  1. Adorable. We had a calico once...enjoyed her so much. Stay warm!

  2. Ahhhh...Twenty degrees. Thank you God I do not live there! Yikes!

    Your cat is adorable. I always love how they are sooooo laid back - most of the time!