Sunday, December 26, 2010

Foto Finish....Tis The Season

When the title was announced for the next Foto Finish and
it was, "Tis The Season".....I knew where I was going to
get my idea for this post. It goes back to when my oldest boy
was just starting his early school years.When my oldest son was in 1st grade the kids
were doing a lesson on listing the holidays.
We got a note from the teacher about his list.
I think she thought it was pretty unique.
On his list in between Halloween and Thanksgiving
was.........DEER SEASON!! The boys always
got to miss a day or two of school at the
first of deer season to join their dad and family
at deer camp. So in his little mind it was
a holiday.
This is a picture taken on my red head daughter in law's
cell phone of two of the deer shot during this years deer season.
I believe they were getting ready to process them
and put the meat in the freezer.
My family does not hunt for the sport of it, these deer
will help feed the family and at the same time
keep the grocery budget down. You know you are
a Southern Missourian when your garage turns
into a butcher shop the end of November!
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  1. Peggy ~

    That pic was a bit shocking at first, until I read your post!

    It's all good!


  2. I'm not a hunter, but I understand why hunters hunt. I love venison. I'll just let someone else do the butchering. Once I've seen an animal's eyes, I can't eat it. I wouldn't have lasted long on the prairie.