Sunday, September 19, 2010

Climbing A Tree

This last week on the 16th I had a birthday....over 50ish by 2 years and it has me thinking about the time that has passed. I see in this tree a lot of time has passed.
My parents had a house moved to the farm and set it up in a field closer to the road about a quarter of a mile in front of the house that we were living in. There were lots of trees at the old house. Not so in the field where the new house was set. I missed the trees at the old house and in the summer is was hotter in the new yard than in the yard at the old house.
My Mom bought these trees to set in the front yard and when she planted them they were just twigs. I had to be careful and not mess around and hit them with my bike or do anything to damage these trees. We needed shade up in that hot bare field. I think I would have been around 5 years old when she planted them. I think she ordered these maple trees from the Henry Fields Seed Catalog. She got that catalog in the mailbox regularly. I have not seen one in years and don't know if it still exists. Guess I should google that.
In these pictures you see my grandsons climbing one of the trees Mom planted a little less than 50 years ago. They have gone from twigs to trees a kid can climb. When I am down on the farm visiting Mom and see the trees it reminds me of how much time has passed since they were planted. They provide nice shade in the front yard and have for lots of years now.
I don't know where these years have gone but they have gone by fast. The older I get the faster they fly by. If I happen to forget that living up here in my house in town it just takes a glance at the trees in Mom's front yard on the farm to remind me how time goes by. We need to enjoy each day and make happy memories to cherish as time is flying by..........

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  1. Lovely sentiment. We have maple trees in our back yard that we planted as sticks in 1991. We have watched them grow also. Maples grown fast, and they are big enough now to shade the whole back of the house. My boys were 4 & 6 when they planted them with their Granpa. The trees were started in coffee cans. Thanks for reminding me of those old times.