Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Car With A Lid

We did not know when we purchased this car with the sun roof that it would become a novelty with the grand kids. You should know this is a "CAR LID" not a sun roof!!
H, D, and M really had a blast riding home from Grandparents Day at the School with the lid open.
Three grand kids barely fit in the open lid. Glad there is not a big police force in the small town where the kids live.
M had to have a little bit of help from the driver....Poppy Joe to get up a little higher. I am not sure who had more fun the Grandparents or the girls!!! Oh, and by the way, not only were the girls waving but we were singing our song.."I've Got Cats That Live At My Gramma's House." Some people we drove past just looked, others waved back. I bet the ones that waved back have cats living at their house!!!

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