Friday, September 24, 2010

Where The Cats At

Back in the fall of 2007 our family went through a trying time. I decided it would be a good idea to get a cat. That way when the grand kids came to our house they would have something new to take their minds off the troubles of a divorce that they did not want or understand. Yes, a cat would be the answer and would help provide a distraction and comfort. When she was still a kitten the kids did play with her some. Today when the kids or anyone for that matter comes to the door the cat shoots down the hallway and hides under the bed. If the kids are here for a while she will eventually come out and sit where they can gently pet her, but if it gets too rowdy, under the bed she scoots. Where is the cat? That has become a very common sentence in this house. Whenever we open the closet doors she likes to sneak in. When we open the door to leave the house she likes to sneak out. You get the picture. So, often Poppy Joe or I will holler ....where is the cat at? I am surprised at times where the cats at. I think quilters and cats are common. On different blogs I have seen pictures of cats on sewing tables supervising the creativity that is going on. Cats on top of fabric also is common. There is hardly ever a time when a new piece of fabric leaves the dryer and hits the ironing board that it is not initiated into this house by a cat sniff or is sat upon. Here is a picture of "where the cats at" her name is Goldie but she is most often referred to as Dodie. The two youngest grand kids could not say Goldie very well and at first that is all they called her....Dodie. I keep quilting block projects in pizza boxes and had just earlier in the day moved two to the sewing table. Later when looking around this is where I found her.
She does not like the red eye light on the camera and will get miffed and move when I try taking her picture.
Forward to 2010 if you will. I believe the kids enjoy the cat...even love the cat.
We love our cat. Yep, I said love the cat. When all is said and done though, I believe it has been Gramma Peggy that the cat brings distraction and comfort to when going through rough patches.
When the Napping Quilter hits the bed it is usually only a matter of minutes before Dodie comes flying down the hallway and lands on the bed and curls up on the throw at her feet.

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  1. I am really enjoying reading your blog. When my SIS comes over to help me pin her quilts the cat ALWAYS shows up and plops right in the middle. What is the fascination with quilts and cats?